I’ve just been updating my sales spreadsheet and was amazed when I looked at the figure for ‘total books to readers’. It currently stands at 101,705! This is a separate column to ‘total books sold’, because it does take into account the free promotions I’ve done on three of my titles, so free downloads are included in this total. Still, a good proportion of these 100,000 books were sold for actual money, and reaching that figure overall feels amazing.

It means that over 100,000 – one hundred thousand – copies of my books are in the hands of readers. Readers: the most important people in the entire writing and publishing process. Whether in ebook or paperback, these copies have either been read or are waiting to be read, and the sheer scale of this is astonishing. Less than two years ago I was unpublished – there were zero copies of my books in the hands of readers, and just one final version of my first novel finding its feet here on this blog. Now I have three novels out there in reader-land, along with a short story collection and a novelette, and more than 100,000 copies of these books have been bought or downloaded – and that doesn’t even take into account books borrowed from libraries. (All three of my novels are available in libraries both here in Shropshire and in Milton Keynes.)

Well, I needed a boost and this is it. I’m coming back with a burst of energy, with a renewed commitment to reaching readers – and full of love for this wonderful world of indie publishing. Watch out world – it’ll be 1 million books before you know it!