Blog faithfuls will remember my Vlog posts, which I have let slide for a while I’m afraid (YouTube link at the end if you’ve never seen them). But never fear – I’m back in the world of video today with not one but two videos for you 🙂

First off is a lovely little slideshow from Facebook – I know everyone has one of these, but if you haven’t seen yours yet you should because it’s so much fun.

Check out my years on Facebook here (then come back to watch the next one) …

So I finally got myself set up with a webcam and a Skype account – I’ve been planning a new series of video interviews for ages, plus it’s all part of my plan to keep in touch with people face-to-face, even if we can’t meet up in the real world. Here I am telling you all about it, recorded just now:


So there you have it! So far I have zero contacts and no idea how to actually make a call on Skype, so I’m looking forward to my first experiment. Of course, it does mean that I’ll have to do my hair and put on some make-up in the mornings from now on, instead of just lolling around the house in my PJs looking like something the cat dragged in!

For anyone who’s interested, here is the link to my YouTube channel – there are about 7 videos on there at the moment, lots more to follow soon. And I only have 2 subscribers (and I think one of them might be me), so please subscribe so I don’t feel so lonely.