I’m halfway through my series about Self Publishing on the excellent Writers’ Services website – the latest column is all about ebook distribution, and you can read it by clicking here. What I’m enjoying about writing this column is that it’s an opportunity to share what I’ve learned with a new market – Writers’ Services is a massive website with readers all over the world, all at different points in their journey.


My books are still primarily only available on Amazon, although Can’t Live Without and A Life Unpredicted have now been uploaded to Smashwords, and The Silence of Juliet Mann will follow very soon. Most authors report their best sales through Amazon, but that’s no reason to stay exclusive. My personal feelings about KDP Select are that it’s not as beneficial as it used to be – free doesn’t work for the author anymore, and Countdown seems a bit of a poor substitution. That said, I do have a countdown deal planned for The Family Trap to coincide with Mothers’ Day – more about that soon – so I’ll see how that goes before making my own judgement.

What about you guys? Are your books still in Select? Have you run a Countdown promo, and if so, how did it go?