I’m starting off the week with an interview I listened to on Friday – it totally blew me away and I wanted to share it with you. Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn has about a hundred interviews on her YouTube channel – they are well worth checking out. I subscribe to her podcast, and I downloaded this interview and listened to it in the car. I was so impressed I had to check out the video too.

Kerry Wilkinson is an inspiration. Unassuming and not remotely gushing, his work ethic is astonishing and he’s really inspired me to take a look at how I get words on the page. Kerry is phenomenally successful, and yes – he started out as a self-published author but now has a fourteen book deal with Pan Macmillan AND is still self-publishing. And all this has happened in only a couple of years. Oh right, you’re thinking, we’ve heard these stories before. These types of people are content producers, not writers. They whip out any old drivel. Not in Kerry’s case. I’m reading the first in his Jessica Daniel crime series right now and it’s brilliant. Anyway, you don’t need me to paraphrase it for you – here is Kerry being expertly interviewed by the lovely Joanna Penn, telling it in his own words.

Pretty impressive, huh? By the way, podcasts like The Creative Penn are great for keeping up to date with what’s going on in the writing world. I download them to my phone then listen in the car or when I’m ironing – it’s a great use of ‘down time’.

So what about you? Do you have any recommendations for inspirational interviews with writers to share this week? Do you listen to podcasts or subscribe to any other feeds we should know about? Share in the comments 🙂