I’ve been sorting out my office (yes, more procrastination!), and I came across my old folder of ideas. Contained within are scraps of paper and torn-out pages from notebooks going all the way back to 1999. With the sudden urge to consolidate all my ideas from the past 15 years, I also went through the box I’ve been chucking stuff into recently, and the files on my computer. It took a couple of days, on and off, to sort through the whole lot and get it into some kind of order. Then I sat back to assess what I had.

Wow! I couldn’t believe how many sparkling gems I found. In total, there are 21 really good and workable ideas just waiting to be brought to life. What was really interesting was how varied the ideas are: 5 psychological thrillers, 7 novels which would fall into the women’s fiction genre, 4 rom coms (some of which are so exciting I can’t wait to write them!), 2 which are literary fiction, a novella, a short story and an idea for another cosy mystery series.

What I realised, going through this process, is that you really should never throw any ideas away – and clearly I never have! Some of my ideas are full-blown outlines, with character profiles, the lot. Others are just a single page of a notepad. One of the 21 is a complete novel, 2 others are 3/4 complete. Only one of the ideas I found was a complete dud, but the character from that is perfect for another novel I’m planning.

Mind you, I have a real problem now. I want to write all these books. I really, really, desperately want to write at least 5 of them RIGHT NOW. But I’m only human, and I have the next in the Flora Lively series to complete this year, and my novel for my Masters. Is there some way I can clone myself? I thought not. I’ll just have to work a bit harder 🙂