Finally, the day I’ve been working towards for what seems like forever has arrived. I am proud and excited and very, very happy to present to you:


With today being launch day and all, I feel it’s okay for me to say loud and clear: Please buy my book 🙂

Cupid’s Way is available in paperback, or in ebook format for Kindle or Kobo. Here are the links to buy now:

Amazon Kindle


I wanted to reward my regular readers and friends and blog-followers, so I am launching Cupid’s Way at the special price of 99p/99c for three days only. On Monday it will go back to the usual price of £2.49. If you think you might want to read Cupid’s Way at some point in the next few months please do download it now at this special price.

Cupid’s Way is not enrolled in KDP Select, and I have no plans to make it free in the foreseeable future. I’m not going to capitalise on launch sales at the higher price, only to drop it to 99p later on – this deal is for you, the people who have supported me by reading my books and commenting on the blog, and is also to encourage downloads over one weekend. Let’s see how high we can get Cupid’s Way in the Kindle charts – I would love you to share, share, share the links above to reach out to as many people as possible.

Meanwhile, join me over on Facebook for the Cupid’s Way launch party – click here to get involved. During the launch I’ll be giving away …


2 x Cupid’s Way mugs
2 x Cupid’s Way notebooks
6 x fridge magnets with the cover of – you guessed it! – Cupid’s Way
Some gorgeous bunting, handmade by yours truly 
Afternoon tea with ME in my Summerhouse!

There’s also the chance to win a medley of Cupid’s Way memorabilia by coming to see me at BookShrop in Whitchurch tomorrow between 11:00 and 12:00 – everyone who comes and says hello will be entered into a free prize draw.

Bookshrop window

Bye for now!