After my slightly downbeat post reporting on the launch of Cupid’s Way I thought it would be nice to brings things back up again with some lovely photos of my two local book signings 🙂

The Saturday after launch day I was in BookShrop in Whitchurch, meeting local readers and feeling tired but very proud and happy …


The lovely Dinah had set everything up beautifully, as she always does – and the bunting, sent by my ace cover designer, really added to the festive effect! Check out some more snaps …

20140628_11010920140628_111112_Mill Park20140628_114349_Watergate

BookShrop is such a great indie bookstore – the only problem is, I can’t get my 6 year old out of there without buying her a book! On this day it was a special edition of The Stickman that caught her eye, and my generous mum, author Anne Renshaw (to whom Cupid’s Way is dedicated) did her usual grandma thing of capitulating straight away 😉 My daughter certainly knows how to wrap everyone around her little finger!

Two weeks later saw me in the Whitchurch library, this time looked after by the brilliant Rita, who supplied me with tea, water and biscuits!


My experience of library events is that things are a lot slower in terms of book sales, but greater in terms of reader engagement. One lady told me she was desperate to read my Flora Lively mystery but needed it in large print, which reminded me that getting those large print rights sold needs to be bumped up my To Do list. Lots of readers borrowed my books, and just being there, being visible and getting the cover image out, was fantastic. Sitting for two hours in a library, right next to the writing and literature section, eating biscuits and drinking tea was no hardship at all! I’d do it every week if they’d have me 😉

Come back tomorrow for my report from the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference!