Today I’m delighted to announce that my first ever audiobook is now available to download from Amazon and Audible!

cover audio snip

It’s been an amazing journey getting to this point. I blogged about the process of uploading your project to ACX back in May (you can read that post here), but even then I had no idea how seamless and easy it would be. I was lucky – Annette Rizzo, the producer/narrator of the book, turned out to be amazing to work with. When the time came to approve the final recording, listening to the final audiobook from start to finish was an incredibly emotional experience. For one thing, it’s a really good book! 😉 Well, I’m bound to say that, but hearing your book professionally narrated brings it to life in a different way. And two, Annette did such a good job with the story and the characters she exceeded all my expectations. She ‘got’ the humour, as well, which I think was very important.

Here is a clip of the book for you to listen to right now:

I love Annette’s voice. After listening to her for 6 hours and 49 minutes, she felt like a good friend – and as the voice of Flora Lively series, she’s perfect. I just hope she’s available to narrate A Date With Death when the time comes.

If you haven’t signed up to Audible yet I really urge you to give it a try. (And if you make my book your first ever purchase I’ll be eternally grateful!) I’ll be honest – I only signed up so I could check out other titles and find out what made good or bad narration so I had something to gauge my own auditions by. But now I’m a member you could not convince me to leave. I LOVE listening to audiobooks now. I listen in my car, while walking, or just when I want to read but I’m feeling too tired. There is something very elemental about being read to – perhaps it reminds us of when we were children. Whatever the reason, I highly recommend Audible – and not just because they’ve got one of my books for sale 😉

Audio snip

So, you can get hold of Murder at the Maples in audio either from Amazon … (it looks so cool to have three formats under your book title: Kindle, paperback and audio)

3 formats

… or from Audible directly. They’ve got a special joining offer of only £3.99 a month for the first 3 months, which means you get one credit a month for any book – and when you consider that most audiobooks are well over £10, that is great value.

So, what’s next for me and audiobooks? I’ve already uploaded Cupid’s Way to ACX and I’m waiting for auditions as we speak. Murder at the Maples did well because it was awarded a Stipend – Cupid’s Way is newer so may not be so lucky. But we’ll see – it’s all a great learning curve. I’m planning to roll out all my books into audio, so watch this space 🙂