I just received, in my inbox, a newsletter from author Sherrey Meyer. I read the whole thing, then I read it again, then I opened up this window to write a blog post about it. Sherrey’s newsletter is EXACTLY how a newsletter should be. It is, frankly, brilliant.


So, what makes it so brilliant? First of all, it’s helpful. There is a main article that actually contains useful and workable information that will help me as a writer – and not just as a writer, but in all areas of life. Second, it’s interesting. There is a News section, following on from the article, that tells me the latest news from the world of publishing – I actually want to know about this stuff.

Third, it’s funny: there is a helpful section on grammar with a comic postcard that made me smile; and fourth, it made me think – see the writing quote below. Sherrey mentions her own ebook that will be available soon, but not in an overtly salesy way, and she also links to recent blog posts in case there’s anything there I’m interested in. And there is.

newsletter 2

We Can Learn A Lot From This

I used to have a newsletter, but I turned it into a plain old mailing list for news and new releases because I couldn’t think of anything that was useful enough to send out to subscribers once a month. I subscribe to quite a few newsletters, and to be honest I delete most of them unread. I don’t have the time, and unless something in the subject line really grabs me, I might scan the first sentence and then delete. Not Sherrey’s. Sherrey’s newsletter will now be something I look forward to every month. Imagine if you could achieve that – not only to have subscribers to your list, not only to have them bother to read your offerings, but to have them LOOK FORWARD to getting your email. That’s the holy grail of newsletters, and Sherrey has nailed it.

You should definitely sign up yourself for Sherrey’s news – click on either of the images above to be taken to her sign-up page.

What’s really interesting about this example is, Sherrey has her own niche here. She’s being helpful and informative, and it’s just a little bit different to what everyone else is doing. It’s not all ‘Me, Me, Me’ – her news isn’t about herself, it’s about the industry in general – and the article is more life coaching than writing coaching, which I loved. What do you have to offer that you could use in a newsletter to make people look forward to getting your emails? Feel free to share thoughts – or links to other great newsletters – in the comments box below.