Una Cita con la Muerte – this is the title of the movie which is being made in the new Flora Lively mystery. It translates from Spanish to A Date With Death … I’m putting out the call today for beta readers who can read the book in two weeks between Monday 18th October and Friday 24th October. There are no special skills needed – just a willingness to feedback honestly what you feel works and what might not work so well. And it helps if you love mysteries, and/or read and enjoyed the first Flora Lively book, Murder at the Maples.

FL_a date with deathv3

It would be really super-fab if I could find someone who speaks Spanish to beta-read the book as well. There are a few Spanish words and phrases, and while I have been rigorous in my translations, it would be great to have someone scan these for authenticity in context. If anyone has a Spanish-speaking friend they could put me in touch with that would be great. I could put the Spanish-containing bits into a separate document so they wouldn’t have to read the whole thing.

I love this stage of producing a book. The first draft is completed, and now it’s just polishing and re-drafting and editing. Now I start to really know the characters – and they are a pretty mad bunch, I can tell you! A Date With Death is a mystery more in line with a traditional Agatha Christie-esque structure – a bunch of potential suspects, all holed-up together in a manor house, with lots of twists and turns and surprises. And red herrings, of course 😉

Next week I’ll be posting up an excerpt from the first chapter, so watch out for that. And if you are interested in beta reading, either leave a comment in the boxes below or email me on joannephillipsmail (at) gmail (dot) com.