As part of my rolling promotional programme, this week The Family Trap can be yours for only 99p! This romantic comedy is the stand-alone sequel to the Amazon bestseller, Can’t Live Without, and has tons of fantastic reviews on Amazon and Goodreads – download your copy by clicking here. And then read on for some fun facts about The Family Trap …

TFT cover

  • Out of all my books, The Family Trap has my favourite cover. After Can’t Live Without – the cover ‘with the legs’, as it was often described – I needed to get a cover that continued the theme, but moved on from the typical Chick Lit look. I loved this image as soon as I saw it, and designer Chris Howard worked his magic turning the cover into something really special.
  • The first draft of The Family Trap saw Stella hiding her pregnancy from Paul – but right under his nose! There was one brilliant scene where they go for dinner, with Stella wearing a great big orange Demis Ruossos dress, and Paul proposes. He doesn’t mind that Stella is putting on bit of weight (think deluded Niles and Daphne in Frasier), but Stella is mortified and knows she can’t keep it from him any longer. In the end, I realised that storyline wasn’t going to work out, but there were a few funny moments along the way.
  • The Family Trap was downloaded an astonishing 68,000 times during its free promotion earlier this year. Recently downloads for all my books topped 200,000, thanks in no small part to the success of this lovely title.
  • I’m thinking of bringing Stella back in a third book in the series! (Yes, you heard it here first.) Stella and Lipsy, both with young children, plus Paul and Robert all living in the same house. I think Stella is due another major crisis, bless her heart, but I’m sure she’ll come out of it okay. She usually does 🙂