Happy Mother’s Day! You know, I only really started to appreciate Mother’s Day when I became a mum myself (sorry, Mum!). These days, not only do I look forward to a lie in and breakfast in bed, and lovely cards and surprises from my six-year-old daughter, I also appreciate my own mum a lot more. A mother-daughter relationships is a very special thing, which is probably why I write about it so much!

Take Can’t Live Without and The Family Trap – my Stella Hill series (the third of which is currently in the planning phase). Stella has a complex relationship with her mother, and with her teenage daughter, Lipsy. After my mum read Can’t Live Without I had to reassure her that the character of Maggie wasn’t based on her at all! And it wasn’t, but to some extent every character and relationship is based on parts of myself and my own life. As a writer you mine your fears and your emotions, tapping into universal themes and bringing them to life on the page. As both of these books have been praised for their depiction of three generations of women, I thought a promotion for Mother’s Day would be a nice idea – so today you can buy not just one but both books for only 99p/99c each 🙂

So Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers and daughters out there – right now I’m off to enjoy my day of being pampered and adored. Long may that last!


If you haven’t read either book before, read Can’t Live Without first, and then …

The Family Trap cover