Check out the blurb Bookbub have written for Cupid’s Way, ready for their one day listing of my free promotion:

Bookbub excerpt

“Greedy housing developers and clueless grandparents don’t mix well. It’s up to bored, single Evie to save the day – but she never expects to fall for the evil corporation’s CEO in the process. Fans of romantic comedies, let us welcome you to one crazy neighborhood.”

It’s genius! Bear in mind this isn’t what it says in my blurb, or in any of the reviews. This is a brand new description, and in my opinion they’ve captured the essence of the book, the fun and the conflict and the main reason for reading. You know, I think it’s worth paying for the Bookbub promotion just to let the creative minds at the ‘Bub come up with such stellar product descriptions. The downloads that will (hopefully) follow are just the icing on the cake 🙂

You can download Cupid’s Way for Free right here until Monday 11th May.