I’ve been a busy bee lately (more on that tomorrow) and I’m almost ready to send my new novel, Keeping Sam, out into the world of readers. Before I do, I need to give it a bit of a ‘road test’, so I’m looking for beta readers. Would you be interested? There’s no set format or rules for beta reading – just read the book (which I’ll send to you in Kindle ebook, epub or pdf format) and tell me what you think. You can be as detailed or as brief as you like. I’ll be looking to send the book out in about two weeks’ time, and would love comments and feedback by mid-July if possible. If you’re interested and available, pop a comment in the box below, or message me using the contact form – my email address is on the contact page too. I don’t have a proper blurb written yet, but here is a bit more about the book:

Title: Keeping Sam

Genre: Women’s fiction

What’s it about?

When Kate wakes up from a year-long coma, the first person she asks forย is her son, Sam. Recovering from a head injury and getting back on her feet takes all of Kate’s energy, but toddler Sam has left a hole in her heart – a hole that isn’t healed by the knowledge that Sam is being cared for by Kate’s mother. Estranged from her parents since she was eighteen, Kate discovers they took Sam home to Cornwall with them months ago, convinced Kate would never wake up. By the time Kate is well enough to travel to reclaim him, she is frantic with worry. Why hasn’t her mother brought Sam to see her? Why haven’t they replied to any of her letters? And why will no one talk to her about the circumstances around her injuries?

Here is the image I have in mind for the cover:

Cover idea

So, what do you think? Are you interested in beta reading? And even if you’re not, what do you think of the premise and cover image? Really excited about this new book, and looking forward to making my lovely readers and blog friends part of the development process ๐Ÿ™‚