Recently I was lucky enough to join Rosie Amber’s review team – such a lovely bunch of people, and Rosie does so much to promote authors I wanted to help out and find out about more great books. Here is my first review for the team, watch out for a review of Jan Ruth’s Silver Rain coming soon 🙂

Holding Back

Holding Back is a light romance, beautifully written, with characters that engage you from the first page. Told from two points of view, Laura and Daniel deal with the kinds of misunderstandings you might expect on the road to true love – and a few you might not expect! I found the characters believable, the storyline interesting, and the addition of the sumptuous setting of Portugal lifted the book out of the ordinary. I would have liked to have seen the ‘voices’ of the characters a little better differentiated, and the nature of the two viewpoint narrative did occasionally have you going over the same event twice, albeit seen through a different character’s eyes. But the writing carries you through, and the author clearly has a talent for bringing romance alive on the page. One small niggle was the formatting of the Kindle version I read – each paragraph was separated by a line break, usually reserved for section breaks, which made the experience of reading a little irritating until you got used to it. All in all, however, a good read for romance lovers, and an author on top of her game.

4 out of 5 stars

Member of Rosie Amber’s book review team