Would you like:

30,000 books sold in 3 years

Over 200,000 books in the hands of readers

70% of book sales paid straight into your bank account (monthly – not twice a year)

Your books in libraries, book shops, on the Internet, shared and talked about in book groups, reviewed by top book bloggers and in magazines …?

In addition to this I’ve got:

9 books published – 6 novels & 3 non-fiction – and 3 more on the way this year (at least), and,

Loads of loyal, happy readers; a growing email list; and an industry standing that is increasing all the time.

KDP earnings report 2015 sample
Sample of KDP earnings report

The Great News …

Does this add up to self-publishing stardom? Well, it’s all relative, isn’t it? Not the dizzy heights of the likes of Bella Andre and Hugh Howey, but in three short years this writing career of mine has been one that many a traditionally published author would have been happy with, I’m sure.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I’d like all that too,” the great news is – You can! You can do it right now, today – you don’t have to wait for anyone to give you the green light. Self-publishing is the great leveler – it really is for everyone. If you’ve written a book, or are in the process of writing a book, and if you want that book to get in the hands of readers, you’re almost there.

And Better News!

If you feel a little overwhelmed, the even better news is that The Writers’ Workshop and myself have developed a unique, exclusive online course that gives you one-to-one, step-by-step guidance for your personal self-publishing journey. Together with a small group of enthusiastic learners you will build your skills and learn insider-knowledge to get your author career off to a flying start. Find out more about the course here. This is the kind of stuff you cannot find on the Internet! (And includes a lot of hand-holding by me should you need it.) The next start date is on the 5th January so there’s still time to sign up if getting your book into print is one of your 2016 new year resolutions! (If that’s too soon for you there are other start dates throughout the year – check out the course page for more details.) We are only in the early stages of sharing our hopes and fears prior to the course beginning and we’d love to welcome you on board if you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in yourself right now.

Video clip SP course
A clip from one of the course videos – just some of the exclusive content I’ve developed for this 4 week, information-packed course.

Now For The Bad News …

Oh, wait – there is no bad news! It used to be that the sting in the tail of self-publishing was that ‘indie’ authors weren’t taken seriously (at best), or were ridiculed and excluded and sworn at and … Well, you get the idea. But look how things have changed. Readers don’t care, and most of the time can’t tell the difference anyway, and the publishing industry regularly reaches out to try and sign self-published authors, who often as not say, No, thank you very much, I’d like to keep my royalties to myself and my creative freedom intact. As for me, I’ve got BIGGGGG plans for 2016 – and I can’t wait to keep on sharing my journey with you.