So the first presentation of the Writers’ Workshop self-publishing course has now come to a close, and it was so much fun I can’t wait to do it all over again in April! We had four ‘students’ sign up, which wasn’t bad for the first innings, and each of them contributed some stellar work and really got into the nitty gritty of the course materials.

One of the participants, author J.A. Ironside, has written a blog post about her experience on the course here – I’m so proud that she had such a positive time and learned so much. Like most tutors, I learned a lot while I was teaching the course too!


As I said in my comment on the above blog post, there is  so much information for self-publishing authors out there on the internet that what we wanted to do with this course was to bring together a really in-depth and targeted, properly tutored course that actually teaches people how to publish and sell their books. It’s not about just giving them some information to read in brief and then apply, or the resources to go away and skim over and then grapple with alone. This course uses the techniques of teaching and tutoring – setting homework tasks to test understanding; peer review and feedback; group discussion; marked assignments – to measure and cement understanding.

Best of all it’s all run under the comforting umbrella of Writers’ Workshop, who have been running online courses for years and years and totally know what they’re doing when it comes to the mechanics of the online classroom thing 🙂 The next presentation is in April, and if you fancy it pop over here to sign up. I’m going to leave the lovely J.A.Ironside to sum up who might be interested in this course before I sign off today:

If you’re just starting out Self-publishing or you’ve been doing it for a while but not seen much in the way of results, this course is for you. In fact if you think you know enough about self publishing, this course is for you. I can’t recommend it highly enough. J.A.Ironside