This isn’t a post about books or writing. Okay, hold on! Don’t stop reading already. It’s my anniversary today – 10 years married – which got me thinking about the ways in which being married is a bit like blogging …

Go with me on this one.

In the beginning, enthusiasm is everything, but you kind of don’t really have a clue what you’re getting into. When I started my blog back in 2012, I thought I’d just post chapters of my unpublished book and get some feedback. (I had no idea what kind of monster I’d end up creating.)

For the first few years, you really put in the hours. I used to blog two or three times a week – once I blogged every day for a month! Remember the April blogging challenge? What fun we had. You reach out to other bloggers, and make your own networks, like smug newly-weds meeting up for dinner every week.

And after a while, you start to see the results of all your efforts. Your blog gets more readers. You become more successful, better at it; you gain a deeper understanding of what your readers are looking for. Sure, there’s the odd spat – an argument in the comments box, a few ruffled feathers – but you get through it, and you learn from your mistakes.

Like the time I wrote that open letter to the RNA. Boy, what a learning curve that turned out to be!

And then, inevitably, you start to take it for granted. The gloss wears off blogging a little. You have other projects, or maybe Facebook or Twitter take up more of your time, or maybe people just don’t engage with you as much as they used to and you start to think: “Hey, what’s the point? What am I getting out of this?”

Did you start your blog in order to get something out of it? Or did you start it because you had something to share? Interesting question.

4 years I’ve been blogging here at Writer’s Journey. Yes, I’ve let my blog slide a little lately. (Guys – I’m talking about my blog here, not my marriage!) But I think that’s only natural – it’s the ebb and flow of life. And there is always time to recommit … or to start a new blog, a new project. I’ve been thinking of a parenting blog for some time now, so maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to put some energy into that. Maybe I could run both blogs concurrently. In the space that is my blog, there is time to figure that out. In a marriage, you often don’t have the luxury of that kind of space because life just gets in the way.

I think I’m stretching the marriage/blog comparison a little thin now, don’t you?

I promised a wedding photo, so here it is:

Wedding 1

That is one happy lady!

Happy Anniversary Jez, and thanks for letting me blog on our special day. Watch out – I’m going to be back to blogging with a vengeance soon. I figure I’m at that stage in my blogging relationship 😉