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The Myths of Publishing

This should be the definitive word on self-publishing – well done Jan!

Podcasts, Making Dresses & Wearing Hats (Or … What I Did This Summer)

Time for a catch up! It’s been a long, hot summer, and I’ve been relaxing and getting used to living in town after moving house back in April. I have an absolutely jam-packed season coming up now – so much to share with you! – but first I thought we could go with a round-up of what I’ve been up to this summer. Here are the highlights:


Here I am recording my first ever Podcast! This will be broadcast on Monday 17th October over on Paul Teague’s Self-Publishing Journeys. We talked about all things publishing and writing, and I shared detailed info about my earnings these past few years, so don’t miss that!


I rarely talk about my family on the blog, but here is my daughter – Lulu – who is 8 years old. We decided to do a ‘design-a-dress’ project this summer. She made a drawing of her ideas and then we raided my fabric stash, ran it up on the sewing machine, and here is the result! Yes, it even has a zip that I’m very proud of.


What Lulu seemed to spend most of her time doing this summer, however, was playing Minecraft on her Kindle Fire! As you can see in this photo. Ah well, we did manage a little quality time.


And I managed to make myself lots of coffees with my shiny coffee machine. My secret (not-so-secret) pleasure.


And finally, here I am looking a little scary (!) at Chiquitos – notice how I co-ordinated my outfit to match the Mexican hat. This summer we ate out loads, went on lots of lovely long walks, had tons of fun … and I drank quite a few cocktails.

Now I’m back to work with a vengeance. But you know what? I’m kinda relieved. Enjoying yourself is much more tiring than work.

The Zodiac Files -An Aries Writer

Today I’m on Terry Tyler’s brilliant zodiac feature, The Z Files, where writers talk about how they fit with their zodiac traits – or otherwise. Terry has asked over 70 writers to take part, and I was excited to do so as I’m deeply attached to my identity as an Aries woman. Head on over to her blog to find out why …

aries 13

Co-incidentally, Terry will be here on the blog later this week in an interview about her new book, The House of York. Watch out for that – it should be a good one!

#RomancingSeptember Day 19 Cupid’s Way by @joannegphillips #books

Today it’s my turn to be part of Romancing September – you can read more about Cupid’s Way over on Rosie Amber’s lovely blog right now …

Source: #RomancingSeptember Day 19 Cupid’s Way by @joannegphillips #books

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