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The Zodiac Files -An Aries Writer

Today I’m on Terry Tyler’s brilliant zodiac feature, The Z Files, where writers talk about how they fit with their zodiac traits – or otherwise. Terry has asked over 70 writers to take part, and I was excited to do so as I’m deeply attached to my identity as an Aries woman. Head on over to her blog to find out why …

aries 13

Co-incidentally, Terry will be here on the blog later this week in an interview about her new book, The House of York. Watch out for that – it should be a good one!

#RomancingSeptember Day 19 Cupid’s Way by @joannegphillips #books

Today it’s my turn to be part of Romancing September – you can read more about Cupid’s Way over on Rosie Amber’s lovely blog right now …

Source: #RomancingSeptember Day 19 Cupid’s Way by @joannegphillips #books

A Bit of Fun – Impromptu Singing Session with Chris Howard

It’s nice to take a break from all things writing and share with you some fun I had this week when my cover designer and best friend, Chris Howard, came to visit. Chris is also an accomplished guitarist, so imagine my excitement when he brought his guitar with him! Now, I am far from an accomplished singer (!) … as you’ll see/hear in the video below … but I love to bang out a tune or two, just for fun, and here I am torturing singing the ace country hit ‘Jolene’.

Honestly, it was the best fun I’ve had in ages, and thanks to Chris for putting up with me🙂 I don’t think the record producers will be beating a path to my door, but if you’d like to see Chris in action again, he’s performing this weekend at the Free Spirit festival in Milton Keynes.

Beta Readers Needed for A Date With Death

Una Cita con la Muerte – this is the title of the movie which is being made in the new Flora Lively mystery. It translates from Spanish to A Date With Death … I’m putting out the call today for beta readers who can read the book in two weeks between Monday 18th October and Friday 24th October. There are no special skills needed – just a willingness to feedback honestly what you feel works and what might not work so well. And it helps if you love mysteries, and/or read and enjoyed the first Flora Lively book, Murder at the Maples.

FL_a date with deathv3

It would be really super-fab if I could find someone who speaks Spanish to beta-read the book as well. There are a few Spanish words and phrases, and while I have been rigorous in my translations, it would be great to have someone scan these for authenticity in context. If anyone has a Spanish-speaking friend they could put me in touch with that would be great. I could put the Spanish-containing bits into a separate document so they wouldn’t have to read the whole thing.

I love this stage of producing a book. The first draft is completed, and now it’s just polishing and re-drafting and editing. Now I start to really know the characters – and they are a pretty mad bunch, I can tell you! A Date With Death is a mystery more in line with a traditional Agatha Christie-esque structure – a bunch of potential suspects, all holed-up together in a manor house, with lots of twists and turns and surprises. And red herrings, of course😉

Next week I’ll be posting up an excerpt from the first chapter, so watch out for that. And if you are interested in beta reading, either leave a comment in the boxes below or email me on joannephillipsmail (at) gmail (dot) com.

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